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the area around a hearth or fireplace; fireside.

Hearthside is a contemporary wood-fired American restaurant located at 801 Haddon Avenue in Collingswood, NJ. In March 2023, Hearthside transitioned to a reservation-only tasting menu format to achieve improved work-life balance for its team and their families while creating more opportunities for collaboration and evolution in the restaurant’s award-winning kitchen to meaningfully benefit the guest experience.


Chef Dominic Piperno, a Cherry Hill native, focuses on using local and seasonal products to create dishes that represent the season across rotating set menu themes. The design of the restaurant uses earthy materials and textures to complement the flavors prepared from the custom wood-fired hearth - the focal point of Chef Piperno and his wife Lindsay's vision. Hearthside is not only known for great food, ambiance, and service but also for being part of the Collingswood community.

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